The Truland Group Inc. is a third generation, family-owned firm with a history that extends back to 1909.  In the over 100 years since, the Truland name has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in the delivery of sophisticated electrical systems for mission-critical facilities.  From one of our first contracts at the Ft. McHenry Receiving Hospital to the current generation of federal facilities we are building at Camp Williams, Utah, we have remained at the forefront of the electrical construction industry.

In the firm's early years, Walter Truland Electric delivered the electrical systems for some of the D.C. Metro area's first supermarkets, high rise apartment buildings, and shopping centers.  These were built to meet the demands of families expanding and moving to the suburbs, and the need to complete these buildings quickly led us to begin the use of systems prefabrication.  

In the 1960's, this focus on efficiency led Walter Truland Electric to join the Federated Electrical Contractors, an alliance that supports the ability of member firms to perform work efficiently outside of their geographic bases.  Efficiency was also the driving factor behind our firm's decision to implement the first generation of computer-based estimating and accounting systems at the end of the decade.

Also in the 1960's, Robert W. Truland joined the company, making Walter Truland Electric a multi-generational business.  Rob continually expanded his role until 1976, when he became CEO and re-named the company Truland Systems Corporation. 

Under Rob's leadership, the firm continued to adopt new technologies to support increased productivity and quality.  In 1980, Truland established computer connectivity between our corporate office and job sites to allow field management to access estimating, accounting, CADD, and other support systems.  Shortly thereafter, the firm implemented wiring diagram software to speed systems design.

Today, Truland is the nation’s 10th largest electrical contractor with offerings that encompass design, preconstruction, construction, and maintenance and a project resume that spans five continents.  Robert W. Truland is President, CEO, and Chairman of the Truland Group Inc.




Walter Truland

Truland Construction Site, 1960's

Original Truland Headquarters

Truland Headquarters Today